Joe Weber (1867-1942)

Joe Weber collaborated with Florenz Ziegfeld to produce a musical farce, entitled Higgledy-Piggledy (1904.39), in which Weber performed with Anna Held and Marie Dressler.  Weber performed in, produced and booked the burlesque, Twiddle-Twaddle (1906.01), into Joe Weber’s Music Hall.  He continued with Hip! Hip! Hooray! (1907.44), Burlesque of the Merry Widow (1908.01) and Alma, Where Do You Live? (1910.26), where he really struck it rich with 232 performances.

EILEEN CD from New World Records


Weber also produced four of Victor Herbert’s operettas: Dream City/The Magic Knight (1906.48); The Only Girl (1914.27); Eileen (1917.07); Her Regiment (1917.28).