The Composers Club at T.B. Harms

As noted in the Segment on orchestrators in Creative Personnel, Robert Russell Bennett joined Frank Saddler and other orchestrators at T.B. Harms in 1919.

In February 1919, Victor Herbert signed a contract for Little Miss Wise (later Angel Face) with his new publisher, Harms.

After WWI, another young composer, named Vincent Youmans, went to work for Jerome H. Remick & Co. as a song-plugger and then as a rehearsal pianist for some of Herbert’s operettas.  In 1921, Youmans collaborated with Ira Gershwin on Two Little Girls in Blue, which included the song “Oh Me! Oh My!”  Youmans entered into an exclusive contract with Harms, who published his music until 1927 when he started to publish his own scores.

In 1921, Rudolf Friml joined the “composers club” at Harms.  We are not sure when the contract between Friml and Harms was signed, but we know that G. Schirmer & Sons was still publishing Friml’s music as late as 1919 (The Little Whopper); after which, shows such as June Love (1921), Cinders (1923) and Rose-Marie (1924) were all published by Harms.

Sigmund Romberg, who had been working with M. Witmark & Sons and Leo Feist, started with Harms in 1924 with the show, Student Prince.