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Broadway theatres 1920 Casino and Knickbocker, Listen Lester

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Welcome to the Foundation!

You are coming to a new website, and it is normal for you to read about us—what we do, who we are.  After all, you don’t know us.  And in a minute we will do just that.

But it is also true that we don’t know anything about you.  Are you interested in music?  If you like music in general, do you like many kinds of music, or just the popular stuff on most playlists?  It was an agonizing decision as to which album I would buy because I liked them all.

Does a new sound interest you?  Do your feet tap before you know what it is you are listening to?

Our Projects

Completed Projects

COLLECTED SONGS of Victor Herbert, NWR 80726-2


Victor Herbert cello and piano/solo piano

In progress Projects

EILEEN Cover Art for New World Records CD Release, Victor Herbert Operetta

Planned Projects

New World Records Recording/Restoration of Richard Rodgers' show Dearest Enemy

Restoration History

Past Restoration Efforts

Sheet music cover art for 1928 New Moon by Sigmund Romberg, American Composer

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Cultural Influences

Creative Personnel

Oscar Hammerstein II Watching audition at St James Theatre, American Librettist and Lyricist

Production Personnel

Oscar Hammerstein I and Cleofonte Campanini

How Bway Became Broadway