The JMV Art Preservation Foundation Model

Based upon the experiences of noted restorationist Larry Moore, the Foundation has formulated a model that has become the basis for all of its restoration, reconstruction and recording projects (the 3 R’s):

  1. Select a major show that has been neglected over the years and needs restoration and recording
  2. Find all evidence of music written for the show, whether used on opening night or not
  3. Assess completeness of the existing musical notation
  4. List all references to music in the programs, scripts or other historical source material (e.g., listing of rental materials)
  5. List all existing and missing music
  6. List all music that will need to be reconstructed
  7. Reconstruct missing music, based on style of original composer and orchestrator, to best of our ability
  8. Restore scores for all instruments believed to have been in the original orchestrations (based on history of known orchestrations or notes)
  9. Based upon total number of instruments in the pit, divide the total into numbers of instruments for each musical notation (e.g., if 4 violin parts are noted in the conductor’s score, determine the number of 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th violins that were in the pit orchestra)
  10.  Based upon existing documentation and notes, determine the type of instrument most likely used (e.g., if muffled drum is indicated, determine the type of muffling that might have been used)
  11.  From historical information and restoration experience(s), try to determine the style and tempo of composer/orchestrator for the show
  12.  Balance musical intent of style and tempo against limitations of various instruments
  13.  Restore or reconstruct all music that was composed for the show
  14.  Record all music that was composed for the show