Gustav Luders, The Burgomaster (1900.59, first show)

George M. Cohan, The Governor’s Son (1901.07, first show)

Paul Tietjens and A. Baldwin Sloane, The Wizard of Oz (1903.03, first appearance of Stone and Montgomery)

Victor Herbert, Babes in Toyland (1903.31)

Ludwig Englander, The Office Boy (1903.34, first production by Charles Dillingham)

Victor Herbert, Babette (1903.37, first appearance of Fritzi Scheff)

Multiple Composers, Mr. Wix of Wickham (1904.34, first five songs by Jerome Kern)

George M. Cohan, Little Johnny Jones (1904.42)

Victor Herbert, It Happened in Nordland (1904.54)

Victor Herbert, Mlle. Modiste (1905.57)

George M. Cohan, Forty-five Minutes from Broadway (1906.02)

George M.Cohan, George Washington, Jr. (1906.11)

Victor Herbert, The Red Mill (1906.33)

Franz Lehar, The Merry Widow (1907.48)

George M. Cohan, The Talk of New York (1907.57, appearance of Victor Moore)

George M.Cohan, Fifty Miles from Boston (1908.09, in honor of Ned Harrigan)

Karl Hoschna, Three Twins (1908.18, first hit of Otto Harbach)

Victor Herbert, Algeria (1908.24)

Oscar Strauss, The Chocolate Soldier (1909.22)

Victor Herbert, The Rose of Algeria, (1909.23)

George M. Cohan, The Man Who Owns Broadway (1909.26)