Multiple Composers, Follies of 1910 (1910.18, first appearance of Fanny Brice and Bert Williams)

Victor Herbert, Naughty Marietta (1910.35)

Manuel Klein, La Belle Paree (1911.12, first appearance of Al Jolson)

Multiple Composers, The Passing Show of 1912 (1912.24, appearance of Charlotte Greenwood)

Victor Herbert, Lady of the Slipper (1912.39)

Walter Damrosch, The Dove of Peace (1912.40)

Jerome Kern, The Red Petticoat (1912.41)

Rudolf Friml, The Firefly (1912.46)

Ernest Ball, The Isle O’ Dreams (1913.03)

Victor Herbert, Sweethearts (1913.24)

Rudolf Friml, High Jinks (1913.34)

Sigmund Romberg, The Whirl of the World (1914.01)

Jerome Kern, The Girl from Utah (1914.18)

Irving Berlin, Watch Your Step (1914.31)

Jerome Kern, Nobody Home (1915.07, first Guy Bolton, Princess Theatre show)

Edmund Eysler, The Blue Paradise (1915.17, introducing Vivienne Segal)

Victor Herbert, The Princess Pat (1915.23)

Rudolf Friml, Katinka (1915.29)

Jerome Kern, Very Good Eddie (1915.30)

Irving Berlin, Stop! Look! Listen! (1915.31)

Cole Porter, See America First (1916.06)

Jerome Kern, Have a Heart (1917.01)

Jerome Kern, Oh, Boy! (1917.06)

Victor Herbert, Eileen (1917.07)

Multiple Composers, The Ziegfeld Follies of 1917 (1917.13, appearance of Eddie Cantor)

Sigmund Romberg, Maytime (1917.15)

Jerome Kern, Leave It to Jane (1917.17)

Sigmund Romberg, Over the Top (1917.31, first appearance of Fred and Adele Astaire)

Jerome Kern, Oh, Lady! Lady! (1918.03)

Multiple Composers, Sinbad (1918.05, Al Jolson interpolates George Gershwin’s “Swanee”)

Irving Berlin, Yip Yip Yaphank (1918.21)

Rudolf Friml, Sometime (1918.30, appearance of Ed Wynn)

George Gershwin,  La, La, Lucille (1919.12)

Richard Whiting, George White’s Scandals of 1919 (1919.13, premiere performance)

Harry Tierney, Irene (1919.36)