Herbert Stothart, Always You (1920.01, book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II)

Jerome Kern, The Night Boat (1920.04)

Albert Von Tilzer, Honey Girl (1920.14)

Richard Rodgers and Sigmund Romberg, Poor LIttle Ritz Girl (1920.25)

Jerome Kern, Sally (1920.44)

Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake, Shuffle Along (1921.16)

George M.Cohan, Little Nellie Kelly (1922.43)

Vincent Youmans and Herbert Stothart, Wildflower (1923.05)

Jerome Kern, Stepping Stones (1923.40)

Vincent Youmans, Lollipop (1924.02)

George Gershwin, Sweet Little Devil (1924.03)

Jerome Kern, Sitting Pretty (1924.08)

Rudolf Friml, Rose-Marie (1924.28)

George Gershwin, Lady, Be Good! (1924.43)

Sigmund Romberg, The Student Prince (1924.45)

George Gershwin, Tell Me More (1925.14)

Vincent Youmans, No! No! Nanette! (1925.30)

Richard Rodgers, Dearest Enemy  (1925.31)

Rudolf Friml, The Vagabond King (1925.32)

Jerome Kern, Sunny (1925.33, featuring Clifton Webb)

Irving Berlin, The Cocoanuts (1925.45, starring Marx Brothers)

George Gershwin, Tip Toes (1925.49)

Richard Rodgers, The Girl Friend (1926.07)

Frank Harling, Deep River (1926.31, libretto by Laurence Stallings)

George Gershwin, Oh, Kay! (1926.36, introducing Gertrude Lawrence)

Sigmund Romberg, The Desert Song (1926.42)

Richard Rodgers, Peggy-Ann (1926.50)

Vincent Youmans, Hit the Deck (1927.16)

Ray Henderson, Good News (1927.41)

Sigmund Romberg, My Maryland (1927.42)

Richard Rodgers, A Connecticut Yankee (1927.56, starring William Gaxton)

George Gershwin, Funny Face (1927.59)

Jerome Kern, Show Boat (1927.67)

George Gershwin and Sigmund Romberg, Rosalie (1928.03)

Richard Rodgers, Present Arms (1928.16)

Jimmy McHugh, Blackbirds of 1928 (1928.18, lyrics by Dorothy Fields)

Sigmund Romberg, The New Moon (1928.29)

Richard Rodgers, Chee-Chee (1928.30)

Cole Porter, Paris (1928.33)

Ray Henderson, Hold Everything (1928.36, starring Bert Lahr)

Harry Ruby, Animal Crackers (1928.38, starring Marx Brothers)

George Gershwin, Treasure Girl (1928.43)

Vincent Youmans, Rainbow (1928.44)

Walter Donaldson, Whoopee (1928.47)

Ray Henderson, Follow Thru (1929.03)

Richard Rodgers, Spring Is Here (1929.12)

Arthur Schwartz, The Little Show (1929.19)

Jerome Kern, Sweet Adeline (1929.31)

Vincent Youmans, Great Day (1929.37)

Cole Porter, Fifty Million Frenchmen (1929.45)

Cole Porter, Wake Up and Dream (1929.51)