Irving Berlin, Louisiana Purchase (1940.08)

Vernon Duke, Cabin in the Sky (1940.17)

Cole Porter, Panama Hattie (1940.19)

Richard Rodgers, Pal Joey (1940.22, book by John O’Hara)

KurtWeill, Lady in the Dark (1941.04, book by Moss Hart and lyrics by Ira Gershwin)

Cole Porter, Let’s Face It (1941.08)

Richard Rodgers, By Jupiter (1942.15)

Irving Berlin, This Is the Army (1942.20)

Cole Porter, Something for the Boys (1943.01)

Richard Rodgers, Oklahoma! (1943.04)

Oklahoma! was the first show to have an original cast recording, which captured the style and tempo of the Broadway show.  Well, almost captured the tempo.  The recordings were done on 78 rpm discs, which limited each number to the maximum time of the side of the record, 3.5 minutes.  Thus, according to Bruce Pomahac of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization, the recording tempo was a bit more upbeat than the Broadway show.  However, the recording still captured the essence of the show, even if it sounded like Arturo Toscanini was conducting.