THE NIGHT BOAT (1920.04)

Act One

Some Fine Day
Whose Baby Are You?
Left All Alone Again Blues
Good Night Boat
Plot Demonstrators
I’d Like a Lighthouse
Buffo Finale

Act Two

Catskills, Hello (Opening)
Jug Band and Dance
Maid’s Sextette
Don’t You Want to Take Me?
I Love the Lassies (I Love Them All)
River Song Medley
The Quadalquiver
(By the) Saskatchewan (from The Pink Lady)
On the Banks of the Wabash (music and lyrics by Paul Dresser)
Congo Love Song (from Nancy Brown)
Row, Row, Row (from Ziegfeld Follies of 1912)
Down by the Erie (from Hello, Broadway)
M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i (from Ziegfeld’s Mid Revue 1916/Hitchy-Koo 1917)
Good Night, Boat (reprise)

Act Three

Plot Demonstration
Laundry Duet
A Heart for Sale
Girls Are Like a Rainbow