Victor Herbert Period

Victor Herbert and Harold Sanford

The foundation of the American Musical Theater begins with Victor Herbert.  He was not the first to compose shows for the Broadway stage; however, with forty-six productions to his credit, he was at the same time the best and the most prolific.  His musicianship reached far beyond the Broadway stage, and he brought to the stage the wealth of his classical, compositional skills.  Quite often, he wrote his own orchestrations; and Jerome Kern considered him to be the master of orchestration. Harold Sanford worked closely with Herbert on orchestrations, whether he was credited as the orchestrator or not.

Emil Gerstenberger and Al Goodman

Later, Emil Gerstenberger and Al Goodman would serve composer Sigmund Romberg in much the same way as Sanford served Herbert.  Gerstenberger orchestrated Romberg’s The Student Prince (1924.45) and worked with Goodman on The New Moon (1928.29).