SHOW BOAT (1927)

SHOW BOAT (1927.67)

Act One

Scene 1
Cotton Blossom
Parade and Ballyhoo
Where’s the Mate for Me?
(Only) Make Believe
Ol’ Man River
Scene 2
Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man
Scene 3
Life Upon the Wicked Stage
Till Good Luck Comes My Way
Scene 4
Misery (theme)
Scene 5
I Might Fall Back on You
C’mon Folks (Queenie’s Ballyhoo)
Scene 7
You Are Love
Scene 8

Act Two

Scene 1
At the Fair
Adagio Dance
Dandies on Parade
Why Do I Love You?
In Dahomey
Scene 3
Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (reprise)
Scene 4
Service and Scene Music
Scene 6
Apache Dance
Goodbye, My Lady Love
(Magnolia’s Debut at the Trocadero:)
After the Ball (from A Trip to Chinatown)
Scene 7
Ol’ Man River (reprise)
Hey, Feller
Scene 8
You Are Love (reprise)
Scene 9
Why Do I Love You (reprise)
Imitation of her mother and stars of the 1920’s
Tap Dance