The Magic of Jerome Kern Through the Eyes of Stephen Sondheim

There is something so special about Stephen Sondheim. No, he is not the tunesmith that Irving Berlin or Jerome Kern were, but he is a good teacher. He understands so much about music as a composer that he can shine a light in the darkness. We here at the Foundation do not have the skills to explain composition–how a composer works. Stephen can. So, when we came across a program entitled “Stephen Sondheim Deconstructs ‘All the Things You Are,’ ” we knew that we had to stop here in the midst of our review of Kern’s 1917 musicals in order to provide this clip. It is only six minutes long, but it is so enlightening. At least it was for us.

In addition, because Sondheim and McPartland spend a lot of time discussing and playing “All the Things You Are,” we thought we would reprise our youtube clip from John McGlinn’s recording.

Here are the two clips.

Here is the second clip.