The Powerhouse Musical Team at T.B. Harms


Hans Spialek, Broadway Orchestrator at Harms

Hans Spialek

The lead role that Robert Russell Bennett and Hans Spialek played (as the two lead orchestrators at T.B. Harms) helped Harms create perhaps the best group of Broadway orchestrators ever assembled: starting with Bennett, Spialek, Maurice De Packh, Hilding Anderson and Stephen Jones and later adding Don Walker and Ted Royal.

In this group, Anderson and De Packh served as both orchestrators and music directors.

The Harms group was not alone in the area of orchestration, but they certainly were, by far, at the head of the class.  Other talented musicians were serving as both music directors and orchestrators, including such men as Frank Tours, Oscar Radin, Al Goodman, William Daly, Roy Webb and Paul Lannin.